Rincon Valley fixture closes its doors after 50 years



Old Mexico Restaurant sits on a busy corner where regularly some  driver crashes through the fence

Old Mexico, at the corner of Montgomery Dr and Mission, has served it’s last enchilada.  After 50 years, Gus Lopez has closed the restaurant down, although a note on the door states they will still provide fair food and a restaurant on Sebastopol Ave, Martha’s Old Mexico.

Personally, I was not crazy about the food, but the owners were nice people.  A lot of kids in Rincon Valley had their first jobs bussing tables, washing dishes, and servicing food.  It was definitely a Rincon Valley fixture.

The building has been looking a bit “tired” for some time.  Just like my son’s birthday, or New Years Eve in Time Square, I always looked forward to the annual drunk driver who’d drive thru the wrought iron fence at the corner of the busy intersection.  Seemed right as Mr. Lopez got around to repairing it,  another driver would take it out again.  I’ll miss seeing the sign with one letter much brighter than the others, and the sun bleached Corona poster in the tall plate glass window.

There’s something about the wrought iron gate that just called to me “Come inside and have a beer”.  If a fire ever broke out, I probably would have thrown a chair through the window rather than fight my way through the other customers to get out the fortified entrance.


Rumor on the street is that Mountain Mike’s Pizza is moving in and bringing a craft beer tap room with it.  Not sure Rincon Valley is ready for another pizza establishment esp with Round Table, at Montecito,  Papa Murphys at St. Francis, and Mary’s on Summerfield, but I’m looking forward to the change.

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