$1 Oyster Happy Hour in Kenwood

Kenwood RestaurantLooking for an inexpensive light snack on a weekend afternoon?  Head over to the Kenwood Restaurant (9000 Sonoma Hwy) Saturday or Sunday between 3 & 5pm for $1 oyster happy hour.

My girlfriend and I were driving through Kenwood recently when a sandwich board sign in front of the Kenwood Restaurant caught our attention: $1 Oyster Happy Hour. 3-5.  We pulled the car in and headed into the restaurant to see what else was on the menu.

$1 oysters

We found a delightful bar menu of appetizers and small plates in addition to an unlimited supply of $1 oysters.  We had a salad, cheese plate, wine, beer and 24 oysters for under $50.

IMG_2904The restaurant had recently been remodeled, and a young enthusiastic staff was waiting on us.  Years ago I had been the restaurant, and found it to be a bit boring with an older crowd.  Apparently under new ownership, the restaurant is now fun and lively.  There is a beautiful patio in the back with pond, bocce ball court, and incredible landscaping.

Kenwood Restaurant  9000 Sonoma Hwy

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Do you know of a local business that you’d like me to profile,  send me a note and I”ll look into it.

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