The Dryer Vent

Excellent post about dryer vent duct.

The Home Project

Of the many, many items on our 73-page inspection report, one of the least daunting was the dryer vent. The previous owner, who happened to leave behind the sales receipt for the dryer, had run flexible ductwork from the dryer, through the partition for the mechanical room, and out about 5 feet to a wall cap:


I only mention the sales receipt because you can tell that the owner bought the cheapest of everything they could find. The way this dryer vent was installed really reinforces that assumption.

In addition to creating massive amounts of dynamic loss, the vent was crushed up against the wall:


Basically, it took two cycles to dry anything, regardless of the size of the load.

I started by disconnecting the flex duct and power, and pulling the dryer away from the wall. Here’s what I found in the flex:


This is why you periodically clean…

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